Arena of Valor: Action MOBA

A master plan, the art of war, or strategy is inarguably an essential component in ancient and modern warfare. The word strategy itself originates from the Greek word “stratēgia” which means office of general, command or generalship. Nevertheless, a great strategy must also come with concrete tactics, as the iconic strategist Sun Tzu once said, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat.”

Strategy in video games is more than just a genre. It is, in fact, comparable to the game Chess presented in various formats. In other words, the strategy genre is the ultimate test of wits and smarts. With that said, if you think you have the skills, strategy, and tactics, then, you are more than welcome to prove your prowess in the Arena of Valor.



Explore a unique world where characters from Chinese mythology and European Folklore clashed with some of the most iconic characters from DC. Dominate the battlefield in an epic single-player battle against other solo players. Rally up your friends, form the ultimate team, and dominate the 3V3 or 5V5 leaderboards or compete and represent your country in the global eSports scene. Want to know more? Check out some of the coolest features of this iconic game below.

The Ultimate MOBA Experience

Arena of Valor is fitted with all the necessary if not the most iconic features found in MOBA games. What’s even better is the plethora of characters from various universe and dimensions to choose from. On top of that is the brilliant audio-visual presentation in high definition. This amazing combination of elements and gameplay mechanics results in one of the most played titles in the free-to-play category of MOBA games.

Character Overload

Arena of Valor features a continuously growing roster of characters inspired by both Chinese and European folklore and mythology. Adding to the hype are some of the biggest superheroes and villains like Superman, Batman, The Joker, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. The game, as of writing, boasts a rooster of 85 characters sorted in six classes.

Marksman: A ranged character capable of dealing damage from afar. These characters often employ the use of projectile-based weapons. One of the iconic characters from this class is The Joker, who has the ability to load and fire special bullets after exiting a fight. Thus, allowing him to inflict a decent amount of damage to his enemies from a safe distance.

Assassin: Just like most video games, Assassins in Arena of Valor can inflict an ample amount of damage towards its enemies. On top of that is the exceptional agility that allows them to get in and get out of an area much quicker compared to other characters. One downside to this character is that aside from having low health, they are also vulnerable to damage and usually come with less amount of defense compared to others.

Mage: As the class suggests, this specializes in magical damage. Mages are effective in both close range and ranged combat. However, they are also vulnerable to damage and has less defensive attributes compared to others.

Tank: For those who are good in defensive maneuvers, the Tank is the ideal character for you. Unlike the other classes, Tanks usually inflict less damage to the enemy. However, their high levels of HP and armor make them ideal to hunt down mages and assassins.

Warrior: Just like other games, Warriors are “balanced characters.” This means that they are fitted with balance attributes making them effective in all areas of battle. To make them frontrunners, these characters are fitted with high HP.

Support: Often referred to as healers, Support characters hold the lifeline of the team. These characters are useful in aiding characters with low Hitpoints like the mage and assassin.

Global eSports Tournaments

Arena of Valor also hosts an annual tournament called Arena of Valor World Cup. The tournament features a 5v5 match and boasts one of the biggest prize pool in eSports. Competitive players can rally their friends and take on some of the fiercest strategists on the planet. So, if you want to earn fame and fortune just by playing video games, Arena of Valor is a great game to invest your time into.

Solid Reward System

Arena of Valor also comes with a generous reward system in both combat and non-combat scenarios. Aside from the daily spins or daily rewards, the game also features tons of achievements not to mention the new player and returning player reward system. Rewards range from chests, coins, gems, and other in-game items.

Game Features

  • User-friendly interface that allows players to navigate with ease
  • Global rankings and leaderboards
  • High-definition graphics and a brilliant soundtrack
  • Multiple game modes
  • Tons of character skins
  • Free to play

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Check out these game screenshots.

Arena of Valor Season 2 Screenshot
Arena of Valor Season 2 Screenshot

Arena of Valor: Action MOBA