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Arena of Valor: Beta 28H Hotfix Update Patch Notes

On December 18, 2020, the Arena of Valor developers released the Beta 28H Hotfix Update for their game. This is to address some ability balancing and adjustments for some heroes to give the overall meta gameplay a stable enough footing for players. Let us take a look at which heroes got buffed, nerfed, or had their kits adjusted.

The Lucky Heroes That Got Buffed

The Beta 28H Update saw Laville and Lumburr getting some buffs to their respective kits. Laville is one of the more recent heroes to be released in the game and has seen some changes in his overall numbers. Players were using him more in the Jungle than in his actual role of Marksman. This deviance from his preferred role has led Laville players to aim for early game wins by solely farming in the jungle. Because of this, his damage numbers in the jungle were nerfed during the April 2020 Patch.

In the Beta 28H Hotfix, Laville will get an increase in his base attributes to make him a viable Marksman. This includes increasing his Movement Speed from 340 to 350, and his Attack Speed growth from 1% to 2% per level. With these buffs, the devs hope that players would play Laville again as the mobile marksman he’s intended to be.

Arena of Valor Update

Meanwhile, Lumburr is getting a slight buff on his Ultimate Earth Splitter. From a 1-second Knock Up Duration, his Ultimate will now have a 1.5-second Knock Up. The additional half-second duration is a welcome buff to his kit. According to the devs’ global numbers on Lumburr’s usage, he’s one of the least to score victories in the game. Previously, Lumburr’s Ultimate animation lasts longer than the Knock Up duration which renders his follow-up attacks harder to hit. This is why the half-second buff on his Ultimate might push the needle of his win-lose rate back to the winning side.

The Unfortunate Yet Balanced Hero Nerfs

Three heroes have been nerfed in the Beta 28H Update. These are Ryoma, Omega, and Butterfly. Their nerfs revolve around tweaking some of their movement values and damaging abilities. The balance in their attributes aims to make things fair for players who’ll be dealing with them during matches.

Omega’s Ability Overhaul

Omega is the first AOV hero to receive a complete ability overhaul. This hero saw a significant increase in picks and bans after his re-debut. His new iteration saw him become one of the best heroes to pick under the Support role, but his kit has proven to be far too reliable and consistent. It reached a point that he is always being picked over other Support heroes.

Specifically, his overall movement speed numbers across the early, mid, and late-game phases are too high. The developers have turned down the movement speed values capping his base movement speed at 360 from 380. His Redeploy skill’s movement speed buff is now adjusted to 5%-40% that increases per level from his current 12%-40% buff.

Arena of Valor Hotfix

Moreover, the Whirlwind stun duration on his Veda Tech skill has been decreased from 1 second to 0.75 seconds. This, alongside the movement speed nerfs, will affect Omega’s effectiveness, but hopefully not to the point that he becomes unplayable.

Balancing Out The Assassins

On the side of the Assassins, Ryoma and Butterfly’s damage scaling and numbers were tweaked. Ryoma’s kit has proven to be too good especially in high-level play. The combination of the high burst damage, long-range, and ability control have made him a nightmare on the battlefield.

First, his Naginatajutsu passive will make his Shadow Blade outer border damage now deal 40% instead of 50%. The damage values of his Wailing Blade are also nerfed to deal 375/425/475/525/575/625 multiplied by 150% of his AD from 400/460/520/580/640/700 times 180% of his AD. These decreased damage values will hopefully slow down Ryoma’s tendency to quickly dominate the game.

Finally, Butterfly will have her Whirlwind skill’s values tweaked. Since her ability rework, the shield Whirlwind gives her is far too strong. It allows her to dive into multiple enemies, use her full combo, and survive incoming damage more than intended. This makes her gameplay less strategic and more straightforward. It’s pretty much the antithesis of assassin roles.

To balance her kit, this patch sees the values of the Whirlwind shield decrease from 400/480/560/640/720/800 times 120% of her AD to 350/420/490/560/630/700 times +90% of her AD. This way, Butterfly players will have to think twice when to dive on opponents again.



Hero Adjustments

Lastly, the Beta 28H Update sees two heroes have their respective ability values adjusted. They are Mina and Ignis. The reason they’ll receive such adjustments is to make them more viable in higher levels of play.

Mina is the first on the list to receive some adjustments to her kit. As one of the earlier heroes, Mina has been used predominantly as a Support hero alongside her team’s Marksman. She’s not effective on the Dark Slayer Lane since her abilities are used to set up opponents while her allies follow up with the damage.

For this update, Mina will have her Whirling Scythe damage values buffed to200/240/280/320/360/400 times +50% of her AD and multiplied again by +8% of her Max HP. However, her Death Scythe skill will have its slow down duration decreased from 1.25 seconds to 1 second.

Finally, Ignis will see a slight bump up in the damage department of his Fire Crash skill. From 325/365/405/445/485/525 times 45% of his AP, the base damage of his skill will now deal 350/380/410/440/470/500 times 50% of his AP. His Rain of Fire skill will see its stun duration decreased from 0.75 seconds to 0.5 seconds. This will compensate for the damage buff his Fire Crash got.

And those are updates on what the 28H Hotfix did for some of the heroes in AOV. These balances, buffs, and nerfs will surely change the playing strategy when gamers enter the battlefield. You can test the heroes out yourself by playing the game on PC! If you’re new to Arena of Valor, you can check our tutorial on how to play the game.