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Arena of Valor: Sword Art Online Alicization Arc Collab

Arena of Valor and Sword Art Online will have another collaboration this new year! Players can get another pair of Kirito and Asuna skins to commemorate the anime’s fourth main arc, Alicization – War of Underworld.

This is following the successful first collaboration of the two companies back in July 2020 where exclusive Kirito and Asuna skins for Allain and Butterfly were released. For this new collaboration, players can get the new Kirito and Stacia Asuna skins for Allain and Butterfly. These new skins coincide with the anime’s current arc, Alicization – War of Underworld. The game will also have exclusive in-game content and items such as emojis, icons, and dance animations.

The Sword Art Online Story So Far

During the SAO Alicization arc, Kirito finally defeated the Administrator but his mind was immediately trapped within a void. This happened just as he was making contact from the virtual world to the real world. Luckily, Kirito manages to overcome his predicament and escape the void thanks to Asuna and their friends. Asuna, with the Stacia, the Goddess of Creation armor, tries to look for Kirito and rescue him from the void.

Kirito’s resolve becomes stronger following the ordeal. He is now able to use this newfound resolve to vanquish his captors and save the day once again. Both Kirito and Asuna’s character arcs culminate with the latest skins in AOV as part of their collaboration.

Arena of Valor Kirito

New Skins, Shinier Skills

The new Kirito and Asuna skins will be accessible for players who unlock or purchase them through Allain and Butterfly. When equipped, both skins will make Allain and Butterfly’s skills have new particles and designs.

When equipped with the new 2nd Wave Collaboration Kirito skin, Allain’s swords will look like the swords Night Sky Sword and Blue Rose Sword. This results in his ability to have blue streaks and flashes each time they are used against opponents. The Death at Sunset ultimate is particularly visually impressive when players follow it up with the Starburst Stream.

Arena of Valor Update

Meanwhile, Butterfly’s Asuna – the Goddess of Creation Stacia skin sees her don a predominantly white garb. Her skills also have a distinct yellow-orange sparkle each time they are used. When players use the Backstab skill, a majestic pair of wings will appear onto the target and Butterfly will be covered in a bright aura.

The latest Kirito and Asuna skins are excellent follow-ups to the previous Black Swordsman Kirito and Asuna’s Lightning Flash skins. Released in June 2020, the Black Swordsman and Lightning Flash skins were the first AOV and SAO collaboration.

Aside from the Sword Art Online skins, AOV will also release a new Maloch skin in commemoration of the second collaboration. Players can unlock Maloch’s Sweet Dreams for free. All they need to do is complete the SAO-related daily mission logs.

The AOV-SAO second collaboration is now live on most of the active servers. You can try them out by playing Arena of Valor on PC. And don’t worry about learning how to play it, it’s pretty easy especially on PC!