How to Play Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is a MOBA game that involves two teams to duke it out in a competitive 5v5 match. You have to choose which hero to play in a team. Now that decision should not be taken lightly because it could make or break your game. Let’s take a deeper look into what this entails:

Choosing Your Hero

When you start a match, you need to select a hero. AoV has a wide selection of heroes who possess different abilities that, when mastered, becomes instrumental to overcoming opponents and getting that victory. Heroes are classified under the following:

  • Tank – these are heroes who stay in the front of the team. Tanks can soak damage and are usually the ones who can start team fights.
  • Warrior – these are melee fighters that engage enemies and deal with respectable damage when they use their skills.
  • Assassin – swift and nimble heroes who can eliminate enemies with quick and deadly strikes from their abilities.
  • Mage – heroes who use arcane and elemental magic to deal burst damage to opponents.
  • Marksman – ranged heroes who shoot at opponents with arrows, bullets, and other projectiles. They are often the highest damaging options during the latter stages of a match.
  • Support – heroes who aid their team by providing the necessary buffs and heals or providing crowd control.

You can try out which hero fits your playstyle in Practice Mode. This is also a good place to see how a hero’s abilities work, and it gives you an idea when to use them during matches.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

AoV revolves around team-centric gameplay. Beating the opposing team by yourself isn’t possible since the game balances its heroes to make sure that you can’t just steamroll over opponents using one hero.




That said, AoV rewards players who know how to work with their teammates. More than getting a lot of enemy kills, you and your team have a better chance of defeating the enemy by securing objectives and assessing when to strike their towers for a push. When done correctly, these tactics will swing the tide of battle in your team’s favor. Eventually, you’ll see your team breach the enemy’s base and destroy their core to secure the win!

Knowing Your Role

Since heroes have different classes, you need to play with your teammates and perform according to your role. For example, if you picked a Mage, you shouldn’t be in the front lines too often since you will be struck down by the opposing team. As such, you should master your hero and declare what role you prefer best. This way, your teammates can adjust and pick the best heroes that complement each others’ skill sets.