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How to Secure Objectives in Arena of Valor (AoV)

Apart from mastering heroes you play, another key component when you play Arena of Valor (AoV) is securing objectives. Objectives play a big role during 5v5 matches since they provide various advantages in the game. But first, we need to define what objectives are.

What is an Objective?

Objectives in an AoV match comprise of Towers and Epic Monsters. When you start a match, you will be assigned to handle either the top, mid, or bot lane. Each lane has a Tower, and you have to help your friendly minions destroy the opposing Tower so that the lane becomes open for your team and get much much closer to the core.




Meanwhile, Epic Monsters are high priority objectives since they give you and your team buffs and gold whenever you manage to defeat them. These include the Abyssal Dragon, the Spirit Sentinel, and the Dark Slayer.=

How to Secure Objectives: Towers

Let’s break down the two types of objectives—Towers and Epic Monsters. When you want to secure Towers, you have to press the assault on the lane you wish to win. This means you have to coordinate with your teammates to gank the enemy heroes who are defending their lanes. Usually, the right moment to strike enemies is when they cross the halfway mark of their lanes. This is because they are more susceptible to being overwhelmed with a gank from your team’s jungler or other lane mates.

Once you’ve dispatched the opposing heroes, wait for your team’s minions to hit the Tower and immediately join them once this happens. This way, they will take the damage to the Tower instead of your team. Repeat this process until you completely destroy the Tower and gain the gold advantage and lane pressure.

Epic Monsters

For Epic Monsters, it is best to confirm with your team if they want to take out these high priority objectives. This is because you will need the whole team with you to secure these objectives. You have to also take into account that the opposing team might suspect that you are trying to defeat one of these Epic Monsters, so be on the lookout. And if they notice that you are doing so, make the decision to either back away from the Epic Monster and engage the opposing team, or retreat altogether and regroup.

Some of the game-changing moments in AoV happens when teams contest for the Dark Slayer. And you have to make a collective decision in the heat of the battle because getting Dark Slayers usually means winning or losing a match.