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Arena of Valor: Playing with the Meta in Mind

Unlike other multiplayer games, MOBAs typically have regular patch updates to balance out the gameplay and fix bug issues. This includes either buffing or nerfing heroes, and new items to ensure that no exploits are being abused by players. That said, these patch updates dictate what the current meta is once it has been initialized. This is why it is important to check when the next patch update takes place. So let’s take a deeper look into what it means to play along with the meta.

Which Heroes are In, Which are Out

Whenever Arena of Valor updates the game, they often show patch notes that detail which heroes were tweaked to either become buffed or nerfed. When a hero is buffed, it means that some of their abilities or stats have been altered positively to make them more efficient. For example, Most of Zanis’ cooldowns have been reduced. This is a buff, since he is reliant on having his abilities available as often as possible to inflict maximum damage.

When Nerf Happens

In contrast, a nerf happens when a hero or item gets their stats or ability damage altered or reduced detrimentally. For instance, Violet’s Tactical Fire has increased cooldown. This is a nerf since this takes away Violet’s capacity to harass her lane opponent and consequently makes her harder to use. This is why you should always read the patch notes to see whether or not your favorite hero has been buffed or nerfed.




When you see your favorite hero get nerfed, it doesn’t mean that he or she isn’t good anymore. It just means that some of their stats or skills are too powerful, making the game imbalanced for other players.

When nerfs happen, you shouldn’t be disheartened. You can always continue playing your favorite hero! Chances are, you might not feel the nerf at all. But if you’ve been playing your hero for a long time and noticed some or most of his/her abilities and damage output has been lacking, it might be high time to look for other heroes within the same role. Luckily you can also look at the patch notes for that!

Follow & Observe the Competitive Scene

Another thing to look out for is Arena of Valor’s competitive scene. AoV has a thriving competitive Esports community that conducts tournaments. When you watch the matches of Esports teams, you get to observe how they pick and ban heroes. It can also teach you which item builds are best to gain an advantage over opponents. Most of all, you get to witness how the pros use their heroes effectively!